1. Where or how can I get a redelivery? 
    – Redelivery terminals are in the mainstore.
  2. I bought an item in your Marketplace and I’d like to get a redelivery. 
    – Redelivery terminals are in the mainstore.
  3. Are you interested in joining an event? 
    – Yes! Please send me a detailed notecard about the event or a website.
  4. I cannot make use of the Gift Card in some of your vendors.
    – Gift Card option is not available for discounted items like weekly discounts and the like. However, most store items can be paid by a Gift Card.
  5. I have some issues with the items I bought, I want a refund.
    – We apologize if this happens, unfortunately we can not offer you a refund in any way as all sales are final. What we can do is offer you assistance and fix whatever the obvious issue is.
  6. I don’t want this piece from the item I bought, can I submit a request to change it? 
    – We apologize but we do not tweak parts. Please understand that all items are tested before we put in our vendor.
  7. Do you accept commission work? 
    – I do accept commission work, however, please send your proposal first in a detailed note and I’ll discuss it with you. Thank you
  8. I did a double purchase by accident, do you offer refund for the 2nd item? 
    – Yes, we do! Please send us a notecard of your transaction history for the two items. However, we do not offer refund for double purchases for more than 7 days. Please have time to check if you already have the item before purchase.
  9. I want to buy more than two (2) Gift Cards to give away, do you offer wholesale purchases for them?
    -Gift cards are already discounted starting 90L$ to 900L$. I cannot offer bulk price at the moment.
  10. I’d like to blog for your store, do you still accept bloggers?
    – Yes, we do! However, bloggers list is already full but you still can apply and be included in our waiting list. Apply Here